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Roger Stegall Woodcarver

Roger Stegall


Roger began carving at age 11, making toy guns for his friends, because the “store-bought” ones weren’t quite right! As a hobby, he continued to whittle and carve while raising a family and working as a letter carrier for the US Postal Service. After 32 years of delivering mail, he retired and is now enjoying his first love—woodcarving. He is designing, carving and finishing his many “friends” — Ozark Hillbillies, soldiers, cowboys, mountain men, Native American Indians, Santa’s and many others.

In the early 70’s he met Harold Enlow at DogPatch and found out there were carving tools (not just the pocket knife he had been using!) Roger’s work is influenced by Harold Enlow, Pete Engler, Bob Robertson and Steve Brown.

He is a founding member of the Central AR Woodcarving Club, has taught at the Arkansas Arts Center and offers seminars and carving classes throughout the country. He has been an instructor in Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee and of course Arkansas. Roger will be returning for the third time as an instructor at the Renegade Woodcarvers Roundup in Lebanon Tennessee in October 2020. He was a member of the Ozark Crafts Guild and has had pieces in the Smithsonian and on the White House Christmas Tree.

Roger is a “guest carver” at the WoodCarving shop in Silver Dollar City and is a regular caricature instructor at the Peter Engler’s Design/Pete’s Place in Downtown Branson MO.
Through the years, Roger has received many awards, ribbons and recognition from both the Caricature Carvers of America and the International Woodcarving Congress. He makes his home in Mayflower, Arkansas. Roger says “I’ve been carving for years, but my best carvings are yet to come!”

Woodcarving Tips:

1. Learn to sharpen your tools, they have to be sharp.
2. The “eyes” are the key to your carving.
3. Take your time; the wood is not going anywhere.

Carve With Roger

Would you like to see Roger carve his award-winning wood caricatures in person? View the list of his scheduled appearances and classes.